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    Clement Lopez Dorigoy, editor of the Madrid newspaper Diario Informaciones, organized the cycle of the Vuelta of Spain in 1935. If you want to visit vuelta espana Order micronase 5 Combivent delivery – click here for info. As it was expected, the coverage of the race by Diario Informaciones journalists increased the circulation and revenue of the publication significantly.
    The route of the first Vuelta was laid exclusively along the roads of Spain with the start and finish in Madrid. This race geography has become traditional. Only three times in the history of the competition it “hooked” the territory of other countries: Portugal (1997), Denmark and Belgium (2009), and France (2017).
    The total length of the vuelta is over three thousand kilometers. The race is held annually in late August – early September and divided into 21 stages, plus 2 days of rest (only 23 days in total). On average, the length of each stage is at least 150 kilometers. Considering the fact that half of the stages are complex mountain passes and hills, and during their passage there is often a very high heat, it becomes clear why the Vuelta is respected universally both among the riders and among the fans.
    Interesting Facts about Vuelta
    Of the 73 races held, the Spaniards became the leaders in the ranking. The closest competitors are the French, lagging more than 3 times.
    From time to time the organizers include the overcoming of the pass on the mountain Alto de El Angliru in the race route, where there is a site of recovery with a fantastic gradient – 23.5%!
    In 1968, an explosive device worked on one of the stages of the Vuelta, which, fortunately, only led to the cancellation of the stage.
    Vuelta 2018
    The decisive stage of the Vuelta of Spain in 2018 will be held on September 15 in Andorra, a multi-day race will begin not with the team, but with an individual race, according to the official website of Vuelta.
    The presentation of the famous bicycle race took place on January 13, 2018 in Estepona (Spain). For the first time in nine years, the Vuelta will begin with an individual race, which will be held in Malaga on August 25. The second individual “cutting” will take place on September 11 in the framework of the 16th stage. The final stages, including the decisive 20th, will be held in Andorra. The Vuelta 2018 will finish on September 16 with the grand opening in Madrid.
    The total length of the race, which consists of 21 stages, will be 3271.4 km.

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