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Founder, Harvest Performance

ai???I hired Sonia to deliver an Instructional techniques programme for our trainers. As a business partner I found her results focussed, committed to achieve, and responsive to our needs. As a participant in her class, I found her inspirational, motivating, and world class. Having attended many train the trainer sessions in my 10+ year career in ‘learning’, I was suprised how much I learnt about myself, developing engaging learning and effective delivery skills. Not only was the content she designed excellent, the delivery really set the benchmark for our trainers. She created a community of trainers who are now enjoying sharing that passion and learning with others in their teams. We are all looking forward to Sonia’s next visit.ai??? June 21, 2011 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Fiona Kirkham |Ai??Chartered Occupational Psychologist,Ai?? L&D Manager: Quality and Standards at Emirates Airline

ai???Sonia was a pleasure to work with, truly. She took genuine interest in our research project and, true to her title of “Lead Feedback Enthusiast,” she sought feedback along the way to ensure that she was delivering exactly what we had in mind. Also: Sonia is very clear about her process, which is confidence-inspiring. We at ClearGears plan on working with her in the future, and feel confident that Sonia will again deliver great results.ai??? May 31, 2011Ai?? Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Ai??Steven Tynan | Communications Director at ClearGears

ai???It was a pleasure to know Sonia and attend her workshop. We did the “Instructional Techniques” workshop for 5 days in Emirates Aviation College with her and the one word which comes to my mind to describe is “perfect”! Her knowledge on the subject as well as her personality created magic for all the participants. Her ability to explain the concepts so simply was a match winner! All the best! May 23, 2011 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Chaitali Saha

ai???Sonia is an excellent facilitator who engages her audience with her passion, experience and consultancy skills. A subject matter expert in her field, she has the knack of bringing out the ‘genius’ in others through her coaching and feedback skills. It was a pleasure to have worked with and learn from her on the ‘Instructor Skills’ workshop she ran successfully in Dubai last month.ai??? March 25, 2011 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Ai??Kavitha JD http://ichccvc.com/wellbutrin-sr-generic-vs-brand/

ai???Sonia is an ANGEL! I had been struggling to figure out how to put an engaging program together around the topics of my book for a long time and then I sat down with Sonia and in less than 3 hours, we had the entire workshop laid out. Not only that but Soniaai??i??s extensive experience in building educational programs is remarkable. I am so happy with my new workshop, the M.O.P Mindset on Prosperity 2 hour Workshop. I feel confident that my students will get a kick out of the material and remember it. If you get the chance to work with Sonia, donai??i??t pass it up, sheai??i??s a genius, and I am forever grateful for her help and experience!ai??? March 24, 2011 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Vanessa Simpkins

ai???Sonia “walks the walk and talks the talk”. She is one of the best networkers I have met and she is tenacious, professional, hard-working and absolutely reliable. I highly recommend Sonia to any business professional who is lucky enough to meet with her.”Ai?? September 1, 2010

Ennio Vita-Finzi, Managing Partner, The PHOENIX-PARAGON Group

ai???Sonia, energy and enthusiasm for collaborative creativity is inspiring. Her incredible focus, professionalism and authentic passion for what she does is an inspiring mix for anyone looking for a training and performance improvement partner.ai??? June 14, 2011

Janet Rouss, Innovation and Change Leadership Consultant, Innovation Network Inc

ai???I was privileged to collaborate with Sonia on a very important education project related toRx&D`s Code of Ethical Practices. Her great listening skills created the space for our minds to connect and create value for the participants. I enjoyed her rigor, methodic approach and her value-based work ethic. Sonia is a gifted designer and is also an inspired facilitator who has a passion for the art of providing feedback. I highly recommend her. “Ai??December 16, 2010

Ai??Marc Lalande CTDP, the Learning GPS,Ai?? President at Learning Andrago Inc.

ai???Sonia has a wonderful way of getting feedback and presenting it to inspire positive action. She hears with an energizing perspective, always considering the best possible outcomes from the feedback being presented. Her written and verbal communications skills enhance the effect of her great insights. You need to be working with Sonia!ai??? March 29, 2010

Mike Henry Sr., Leadership Development Coach, Change Management Sponsor, President, Lead Change Group

ai???I was immediately drawn to Sonia when we met on Twitter! Her work, her style, and her generosity make her a wonderful friend and business partner. Indeed, Sonia recently shared her expertise on our Real Recognition Radio show and I’m grateful for her work to make workplaces better for everyone.ai??? March 11, 2010

Ai??S. Max Brown, VP, Organizational Learning, Rideau Recognition Solutions

ai???Sonia is a very effective communicator, creative in managing groups and very knowledgeable on performance improvement and training. I had the opportunity to work with her implementing technical operating training and she was a great contributor to the project. I recommend Sonia for performance improvement consulting and for training content development and implementation.ai??? December 10, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Juan Camilo Reyes

ai???Sonia is able to understand client needs quickly, conduct a thorough needs assessment, and design and implement effective solutions. Her creativity and customer focus are second to none.ai??? April 22, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Ai??Claude Guimont


ai???Sonia is a dynamic and energetic Learning Performance Consultant.
She is a strong facilitator, an eLearning & Instructor-Led Instructional Designer and a Learning Consultant. Her solutions are innovative and flexible. Sonia adapts well to changing circumstances and has excellent attention to detail. Sonia is a quick learner and is a superlative team player. I would strongly recommend Sonia to help you acheive your Training/Performance design & delivery goals.ai??? April 22, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Dan Cully

ai???We hired Sonia to train our French speaking employees in a program that had originally been developed for our English speaking employees. Sonia did an excellent job of picking up the head and heart aspects of our program and transmitting both aspects to our French speaking employees. Sonia’s energy, creativity and passion to do an excellent job helped ensure a very successful rollout. If I ever had a need for Sonia’s services in the future I would not hesitate in re-hiring her.ai??? March 21, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Howard Pearse

ai???I am recommending Sonia as an dedicated, consistent and reliable trainer who is an expert on the instructional design the course of which she teaches as an IATA approved trainer. Excellent and inventive class that was.ai??? March 9, 2009 Write my essay Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Andrej Stojiljkovic

Part-Time Faculty

Concordia University

ai???Sonia’s course is essential to leverage one’s training in the Educational Technology Department. The course, Consulting in Educational Technology grounds the future instructional designer by a) informing students about the monetary value of consulting activities b) improving presentation skills c) optimizing networking methods and d) providing insights into proven intervention models. How can the budding instructional designer avoid faltering without this course… Just take this valuable course and launch your career!ai??? September 28, 2011

Robert Leibner, Student, York University, Concordia University

ai???It is said that the best method to evaluate your level of understanding of a topic is to teach it. In this retrospect, I can honestly say that Sonia demonstrated her expertise in performance consulting by her curriculum development and teaching method. Her mastery of the domain is made clear just by observing her interaction with students. She is able to grasp the essential points of a student’s question, and answer in a simplified form just enough to scaffold the student to high levels of thinking.

Her course “Performance Consulting in Educational Technology” was an eye-opener to grasp the reality of the consulting world. It was a pivotal point in my career which is already soaring thanks to Sonia’s teachings.ai??? September 21, 2011

Jacques Labelle, Student, Concordia University

ai???I met Sonia at our Consultancy in Educational Technology class. She was our instructor and facilitator. I have had the distinct pleasure of learning from/with Sonia. The striking moment was to see and be exposed to the innovative teaching style, positive and constructive attitudes towards students, and the course content. The timely feedback from Sonia and her capacity of dealing with tough questions and contextual situations during class hours was an eye-opener to me. I have learnt a lot from this performance improvement professional and this course, which is a gateway to the real working environment. The Education Technology Department has a lot to offer, and this course would be a great addition to its curricula.ai??? September 19, 2011

Orzu Kamolova, M.A. Student in Ed. Tech, Concordia University

ai???Sonia is a professional consultant who understands the needs and challenges of the market. In the “Consulting in Educational Technology” course, Sonia provided theoritcal research and always related it back to the consulting field. Her positive and go getter attitude was greatly appreciated throughout the term. I enjoyed and benefited from her class greatly.ai??? September 19, 2011

Ai??Tasneem Morsy, Masters Candidate, Educational Technology, Concordia University

ai???Sonia Di Maulo, is a professional and career performance consultant who knows and understands how to design performance solutions and interventions to fit the profile of her target audience; most significantly, she knows how to apply the techniques of self-directedness and the concepts and principles of Adult Education into her course design to ensure optimum learning outcomes. Sonia’s extensive and successful work as a Performance Consultant in both the public and private sector, gurantees that she will bring a wealth of best practices, and industry experiences to the classroom.ai??? September 18, 2011 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Rosanna M

ai???I took Sonia’s course”Consulting in Educational Technology”. She’s a good teacher even it’s her first year as a teacher. She’s creative. She creat the 3+ evaluation. She also teaches us the real life business. I like the interesting assignment and guest presentation very much.ai??? September 18, 2011 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Weijing(Emma) Kong

ai???Sonia is amazing professor and mentor. Her skills and personality really made the course very engaging!!. I would retake the course next year- that is how much I like Sonia’s teaching style. The guest lecturers really made a great impact on the course because it linked the theory with real life experiences.ai??? September 17, 2011 Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Nancy Boniello

ai???I audited this class and you would not believe the buzz that was generated. There is no better class to have before launching your career in this field and no better teacher. Sonia created the perfect atmosphere of collegiality and professionalism.ai??? September 16, 2011

Ai??Matthew MacDonald, Student, Concordia University

Founder and Lead Instigator

Linkedin Group: Authentic Leadership Montreal

“I have the privilege to co-manage de Authentic Leadership Montreal group with Sonia and I really appreciate her way to put into practice the true meaning of Authentic Leadership into her daily interactions with people. She’s a feedback pro and I really like that!ai??? March 29, 2011

GeneviA?ve Desautels MBA, CRHA, ACC, PrAi??sidente – Coach certifiAi??e *Formatrice*ConfAi??renciA?re*Facilitatrice, UNI-VERS

ai???Sonia is a very smart woman. Full of energy and ideas. Always positive. And she has a very acute sensitivity to human relationships in both personal and professional settings. It is a privilege to know her.ai??? March 24, 2011

Philippe Collard, Founder, EquiLead

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