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“The Apple in the Orchard by Sonia DiMaulo is a lovely little book with a profound message: To pursue greatness, aspiring leaders sometimes must dare to leave the familiar. Opportunities for growth and learning are all around you—so take the leap, and grow!”

Ken Blanchard | Coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow

“Sonia has crafted a unique ‘food-for-thought’ story that gets at the heart of what it takes to work together as teams, workplaces, as well as families. Read it; chew on it; and harvest it!”

Roy Saunderson | President, Recognition Management Institute

“Organizations need to empower each individual employee to lead in order to impact the overall organization.  The Apple in the Orchard illustrates that with courage and the right environment each individual can lead and influence others.”

François Barbeau |  Regional Operations Manager, Future Shop

“Metaphor is a powerful way to help us think and learn.  In this short book, Sonia presents a metaphor for leadership, organizations, human behavior and more.  And in the best use of metaphor, the lessons are yours to find.  Read and think; seek and find!”

Kevin Eikenberry | bestselling author of Remarkable Leadership and From Bud to Boss

“The Apple in the Orchard reminds me of Mark Twain’s quote: “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” Read it and it will inspire your courage.”

John M. Bernard | Author, Business at the Speed of Now

“A fable for all ages.  Truth resides and resonates.”

S. Max Brown | Principal, Leadership Initiatives at Rideau Recognition

“More than anyone I know, Sonia understands and illustrates the power and benefit of collaboration, feedback and teamwork.  Even through the illustration of an apple orchard, you will find lessons and reminders about the importance of working unselfishly toward a goal for the success of the team.  Simple, yet profound!”

Mike Henry Sr. | Founder, Lead Change Group

“The Apple in the Orchard” is a clever allegory about how leaders can inspire individuals to ripen for peak performance. At their core the best apples contain seeds to nurture knowledge-sharing and a resilient skin. Employees are not left to shrivel on Pale Green waiting to be harvested.

Karen Carleton | MEd., MS Performance Solutions Corp.

“This book’s evocative agrarian imagery advances a message that’s vital to any leadership endeavor: feel the fear and do it anyway.”

 Jennifer V. Miller | Founder, The People Equation blog

“A lovely fable about coming alive and growing into an interconnected, flourishing world.  This personal journey is one that each of us must take to realize an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet.”

Kathryn A. Cooper | B.Sc., MBA, M.Ed. President & Chief Learning Officer

Sustainability Learning Centre

” In this profound and poignant fable, Sonia Di Maulo beautifully illustrates the power of courage in pursuing our dreams. Sometimes all we need is just one moment of insane courage in which we let go of the familiar, and as Brave Apple learns, that one moment makes all the difference.”

Jane Perdue | Principle Braithwaite Innovation Group

“I love “The Apple in the Orchard” with its layers of inspiration, hope, and the lesson that “harvest” comes from connection. And I adore “Brave Apple” as she reminds us all that “Hearts filled with courage can rise to any challenge”.

Thomas Waterhouse | Principal, Simple E Creations, Inc.

“Brave Apple gives readers something to aspire to and hope for.  He casts a vision for emerging leaders and provides an example that we can all benefit from emulating.

Sonia’s poetic leadership metaphor is beautifully carried out in The Apple in the Orchard.  Her writing is purposeful, impactful and further brought to life by the vibrant graphics of this book.”

Erin Schreyer | CLTMC President, Sagestone Partners, LLC

“The Apple In the Orchard reminds me of a favorite quote from Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it to a 6 year old you don’t understand it yourself.”  The story and the illustrations are simple enough to be a child’s bedtime story, challenging enough to be shared in an executive boardroom and inspiring enough to be read and savored again, and again, and again.  A perfect gift for yourself and for those you love and serve.”

Chery Gegelman | President Giana Consulting

I love The Apple in the Orchard! The illustrations and story ignite a powerful message for leaders. Share this story with every aspiring and emerging leader you know!

Becky Robinson | Principle, Weaving Influence

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