The “I am Ready” Campaign

A Celebration of the Courage to Emerge as Leaders!

A social project that encourages the World Community to join together in a series of self-portraits that celebrate the confidence, commitment, and courage of Emerging Leaders.

This Campaign launches Sonia Di Maulo’s new book, The Apple in the Orchard: A story about the courage to emerge as a leader. Learn about the power of living systems as models for sustainability, collaboration, and growth; discover a vision for the new world of work.

Cultivate the courage to emerge in your people. To purchase The Apple in the Orchard for the Brave Apples in your organization, visit

The Emerging Leaders featured in this video, submitted their pictures to share their readiness with the world! What are you Ready for?

The Campaign has three winners, voted by their peers and selected by the Harvest Performance panel.

The winners will receive a collection of books aimed at getting themAi??ready to emerge Argumentative essay ! The donations below are made by authors who are dedicated to improving and sustaining healthy workplaces.

The winners are:

1.Ai??Will Lukang: I am Ready to read, I am Ready to smile

2. Kittie McMillan: I am Ready to Teach others how to Lead

3. Orzu Kamolova:Ai??I am ready to raise my son on my own and make a career!


The following National and Global Non-Profit Organizations are focused on sustainability and emerging leaders. I am so impressed with them and what they offer. They areAi??Ready to Change the World! Please visit their sites, donate (every bit helps), and get involved!

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